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Another Ride Complete- by DAVID FREEZE © 2014

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   Welcome biking enthusiast DAVID FREEZE to The Bob Page!

   David Freeze is a running & biking enthusiast;  he is also President of the Salisbury Runners Club, which is a member of the national Road Runners Clubs of America (RRCA).  David went on a 4,200 mile cross-country bike trip in June 2013, and recently completed a 2,750 mile trip from Maine to the Florida Keys.  More is in store for this wonderful guy & athlete.  Read up on him in the following blog, and then order his book "Lord, Ride With Me Today".  [see below for more information].


     My Maine to Florida Keys ride is now complete. I am home, safe and sound, with a clean bill of health. Both bikes are here too, especially the Surly Long Haul Trucker that was damaged in the wreck. It is a very sobering thought to look at the way it was mangled and know that all I had was scratches and a few bruises. 

David's Mangled Bike
        The ride itself was great, made very special with the wonderful scenery of the northeast, the history of the Virginia Civil War area, and Florida. I have never been to Maine before the ride, nor had I been to the Keys. Both areas were fantastic, especially Maine. The ride totaled out to 2,752 miles and 35 days. It was a great adventure, similar in some ways to last year’s cross country ride, but also very different in others.

    The Atlantic Coast ride was definitely traffic laden, especially when the rider just had to go through New York City, Washington, DC, and Miami. I thought I would never get out of Miami because of flooding and heavy traffic. The cross country ride last year had very little traffic for most of it, but did have challenges of its own. Points of supply were often hard to come by out west, cell phones were useless for 80% of the area that I passed through, and excessive heat in Kansas was oppressive with temperatures reaching as high as 107. That cross country ride was 54 days and 4,164 miles of the best journey that I have been a part of. 

On the Ferry near Bath, NC

    I felt all along that I had started with the biggest and best trip first, and after riding the east coast, I still feel that way. After both trips, I still feel very confident that lots of fine people have confirmed my faith in Americans. Countless angels have been the true reason for the success of both trips. 


   Future plans include possible rides in North Carolina through significant Civil War sites and another that would highlight North Carolina Historical sites. At present, I am considering a long ride next summer from Ontario, Canada to New Orleans, Louisiana. This would be the reverse route of the Underground Railroad, the system that transported escaped slaves to safety during the Civil War.

                                                                       --- © 2014 by David Freeze


        [EDITOR'S NOTE:  If you've enjoyed this wonderful blog by our friend David Freeze, you'll probably want to order his book "Lord, Ride With Me Today", which goes into much greater detail about his bike journeys.   David is also writing his second book which will be out shortly!   You can contact David to order his book(s) at the following address :  Cost of the book is $14.95 plus $2.50 shipping.  His book(s) are also available online at and at]

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